Artistic Fabric And Garment Industries

The duration of this project is 2017-2018. K-10 is an under-construction project of Artistic Fabric and Garment Industries (AFGI). AFGI is considerate towards an eco-friendly production and, for that matter, has been adopting and implementing cleaner technologies, good housekeeping measures and waste management systems etc. in its other operational industries.

The production processes at K-10 are mainly categorized as
(i) yarn & fiber dyeing and fabric manufacturing
(ii) denim garment manufacturing and (denim) washing.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment: (i)Conduction of detailed flow-monitoring
(ii)Process and Hydraulic Design Report
(iii)Detailed Engineering Designs, Tender Documents and Construction Drawings
(iv)Tender Documents, Construction Drawings.
(v)Construction Supervision.
(vi)Operation and Maintenance Manual