Environmental Assessment and Review Framework - TA-8800

The dureation of this project is 2016-2017. In the water starved, land rich Province of Balochistan, any and all initiatives for development of water resources certainly deserve top priority. Government of Balochistan (GoB) in collaboration with Asian Development Bank (ADB) has envisioned a Water Resources Development Program comprising rapid assessment of five basins namely, Dasht, Hingol, Mula, Pishin and Zhob River Basins and selecting two basins for further detailed study. Based on the study, development works (sub-projects) shall be proposed and implemented. Techno-Consult International Pvt. Ltd. has been selected to provide consultancy services for the Project preparation phase of ADB‘s Technical Assistance (TA) to GoB. Initially, four river basins of Balochistan, namely, Dasht, Hingol, Kacchi, and Zhob were indicated. During the tripartite deliberations held on 7th & 8th March, 2016; Quetta, it was decided to replace Kacchi by Mula River Basin; and add Pishin River Basin for a rapid assessment. Accordingly, now the project area comprises Dasht, Hingol, Mula, Pishin (rapid assessment only), and Zhob River Basins.
After the rapid assessment of abovementioned four river basins on the basis of following criteria two river basins Zhob and Mula has been selected for detailed feasibility:
(ii)Cultivated Area.
(iii)Non-Utilized Water Potential.
(iv)Completed Projects in Basins
(v)Proposed Projects in Basins
(vi)Social Acceptance.
(viii)Growth Pattern.