Cleaner Production Program

Assignment from Royal Netherlands Embassy
Period of Assignment 2002-2004
Technical Assistance Government of Netherlands

Cleaner Production Program (CPP) is Dutch funded project, which has targeted the implementation of cleaner technologies in major industrial sectors of Pakistan. The program aims to consolidate and replicate the successes of cleaner technologies implementation experience in Pakistan. Further to this, the program plans to disseminate the local experience to a larger audience in general and specially to the target industry sectors. The program aims to prepare major industrial sector specific environmental policies.

The knowledge premises of CPP is the implementation of environmental solution packages executed directly under CPP, successful execution of environmental technology programs in different sectors of Pakistan under other projects, individual industrial unit level successful implementation of environmental solutions, and local & international researches on the subject.

Cleaner production options provide the window of opportunity for systematic adoption of environmental solutions in a cost effective framework along with some pay back benefits. Savings from cleaner production options are of reasonable size and provide good justification for the implementation of full environmental solution package under long-term pay back periods.


The overall objective of CPP is to continue the dissemination of environmental solutions, and enable the industrial units at the industrial sector level to implement the same in a cost effective manner. Specific objectives of CPP are presented below.

1. Establishment of demonstration units for cleaner production options and environmental technologies in the selected industrial sector.
2. Create awareness regarding the cleaner production packages and their implementation mechanism in major industrial sectors, Government, Educational and R & D Institutions.
3. Train officials of government and industries, and industrial staff/labor.
4. Publish Country papers, R & D Papers, and Articles on strategic issues.
5. Provide support to industry for maintaining effective representation in the national and international forums.
6. Publish Environmental Directory of Pakistan for present and future reference purposes.
7. Publish industry sector specific environmental policy documents for enabling government and industry both to synchronize their efforts for the compliance of NEQS under most practical approach.


1. Demonstration project.
2. Communication Institutional Support and Training (CIST).
3. Database Development.


The expected results, as output of CPP, would support industries to comply with National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) and help to achieve ISO 14000 certification