Cleaner Technology Program for Korangi Tanneries

Assignment from PTA (SZ) Environmental Society
Period of Assignment 1992-2005
Technical Assistance Government of Netherlands

Environmental pollution caused by tanneries is a well-known environmental problem in Pakistan. Pakistan Tanners Association (SZ) Environmental Society realizing the importance of this issue, initiated a comprehensive Environmental Management Program (EMP) in 1994. The program comprised of two major components i.e. implementation of Combined Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) in Phase-I, and implementation of Cleaner Technologies (CT) in Phase-II. Implementation of CETP will complete by the end of year 2004.

Subsequently, the PTA decided to start the implementation of Cleaner Technology component under the title of “Cleaner Technology Program for Korangi Tanneries (CTP-KT)”. The project started in December 2002 with the aim to enable Korangi Tanneries to implement cleaner technologies and to adopt better working practices for better environmental performance.

The approach of the program is to implement the proposed environmental solutions in a logical sequence under a cost-effective framework with direct and indirect financial paybacks.


The overall objective of CTP-KT is to enable the tanneries that are connected to the Environmental Management Program of Korangi Tannery Cluster, to comply with National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS). And, also prepare and enable the same tanneries for EMS certification. The PTA (S.Z.) Environmental Society project could be demonstrated as a model project for other industrial and municipal sectors of Pakistan. Following will be the specific deliverables of the project.

1. Introduction and implementation of cleaner technology options and occupational health and safety program in the Korangi tannery cluster

2. Implementation of Environmental Management System, to achieve ISO 14001 Certification

3. Assistance in Self-monitoring Program

4. Development and initiation of Solid Waste Management Program at cluster level

5. Utilization of CETP as a demonstration project for introducing UASB technology, which is cost effective and technologically simple wastewater treatment technology, to enable large number of industries and municipalities to implement wastewater treatment plants projects.


1. Dissemination and Communication.
2. Extension Services including environmental audits and implementation of cleaner production processes, technologies and OH&S options.
3. Training and human resource development.
4. Assistance for Self-Monitoring.
5.Development and Implementation of EMS.
6. Solid Waste Management Plan.
6. Training on the UASB Technology.


1. Create Awareness regarding environmental technology solutions and environmental legislation
2. Implementation of cost effective and financially viable cleaner production in tanneries
3. Implementation if occupational health & safety procedures in tanneries.
4. Implementation of environmental management system and facilitation of individual tanning units for acquiring ISO 14000 certification.
5. Start-Up of comprehensive solid waste management plan.
6. Transformation of Korangi tannery cluster into an environmental friendly tannery cluster.
7. Create better image of Pakistani leather and leather products in international market.