Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP)

The duretion of this project is December 2016 _ 2018. The town of Sialkot is located about 130 km from Lahore, in the province of Punjab. Around 230 tanneries are currently located in 10 different clusters, scattered all around Sialkot and suburbs. These scattered tanneries are unable to meet the international standards which are becoming more and more stringent with the passage time. Meeting the international standards needs proper infrastructure which is not possible to be extended to each tannery in scattered locations all around the city. The foremost and critical requirement for international trade and exporting leather goods is the environmental and social compliance. The buyers anywhere in the world are now obligated by their own country’s legislation to import goods from those manufacturers who possess internationally accredited certifications. This makes sustainability of leather exports and foreign exchange earnings by Pakistan at stake which is evident from the decline in exports in recent years. Expected size of the Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) for a tannery zone with daily production of more than 200 tons of raw hides can reduce costs for effluent treatment by approximately 80% which will increase competitiveness of tanneries.

Recognizing the importance of the issue, a project of Sialkot Tannery Zone (STZ) was visualized which has now reached an advance stage. The aim is to develop focused industrial growth in Sialkot by developing international standard tannery zone in the region. The project is being executed in Public Private Partnership. For representation of the private sector, a non-profit company by the name of Sialkot Tannery Association (Guarantee) Limited (STAGL) was incorporated. The STAGL was established under companies act 1984 on 24/06/2004. STAGL invited applications from the prospective investors and submitted one fourth of the cost of acquisition of the land for the said project to the Government. The Government provided three fourth cost as interest free loan. The land measuring 384 acres have been acquired and mutated in favour of STAGL by the Government. Physical possession of land has been taken and process of planning has started.

The project would help in shifting of tanneries located in and around the city to a centralized location to provide various facilities like Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Solid Waste Disposal Site and Common Effluent Collection System. Part of the project will be also preparation of plans, recommendations for green belt around new tannery zone, transport system for workers, housing etc. This would help in effective control of environmental hazards caused by the tanning industry in the region. It is an immensely important project for the leather industry and would be instrumental in growth of this sector and promotion of leather products exports.

Detailed description of actual services provided by your company:

1.Collection of Secondary Data and Information.
2.Physical and Topographic Surveys.
3.Subsoil and Geotechnical Investigations.
4.Technical Review of STZ Infrastructure Plan.
5.Design Report of CETP – Water Line.
6.Design Report of CETP – Sludge Management.
7.Design Report of Treated Effluent Disposal.
8.Detailed Engineering Designs and Technical Documents.
9.Tender Documents.
10.Operation and Maintenance Manual.