Cotton Web (Pvt.) Ltd.

The dureation of this project is 2017. Cotton Web (Pvt.) Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CW) was established in 1998, in Lahore, Pakistan and is a progressive denim garment manufacturer. The major raw material of production at CW is dyed denim which undergoes a number of processes like, cutting & stitching, washing and finishing to a finished ready-to-wear product. Currently the maximum production capacity of the industry is 21,000 pieces/day.
The main wet process at the industry is denim washing which produces polluted water stream containing high solids, BOD and COD in levels way above the discharge limits as specified in Punjab Environmental Quality Standards (PEQS) – 2016, and so a treatment is required prior to discharge in main sewers or water body.
For the purpose mentioned above, CW has requested to acquire the services of NEC Consultants, under a consultancy contract, to assess and submit a viable wastewater treatment system design under current flow conditions.

Following principal contents:
(i)Determination of the existing hydraulic and pollution loads of the wastewater discharged from industrial processes.
(ii)Process design of most feasible wastewater treatment scheme.
(iii)Drawings containing Process Flow Chart, Plant Layout.
(iv)Preliminary capital and O&M cost estimates.

Description of actual services provided by NEC:
(i)Conduction of detailed flow-monitoring.
(ii)Process Design Report