Assignment from

Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development and Management Company

Period of Assignment

2008- On going

Technical Assistance

Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development and Management Company

Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development & Management Company (FIEDMC), with a gross area of about 1523 hectares, is located adjacent to M-3 Motorway at a distance of 22KM from Faisalabad. FIEDMC has decided to undertake, parallel to the other infrastructure facilities, the construction of a Combined Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) and Solid Waste Management, for the estate, at an already allocated site. The treatment capacity of plant is around 400,000 m3/day. The proposed Combined Effluent Treatment Plant Site with an area of 24.84 hectares is designated within the estate.

1. Basic Secondary Data Collection
2. Physical and topographical surveys
3.Subsoil surveys and geo-technical Investigation
4. Feasibility Study Report
5. Initial Environmental Examination
6. Detailed Engineering design and tender-contract documents
6. Tender contract documents
7. Engineer’s Cost Estimate
8. Process Design Report
9. Construction Drawings
10. Operational and Maintenance Manual
11. In-house Pollution Reduction Measures (IPRM) Guideline Manual
11. Contractor’s Pre-qualification Services
12. Bid Evaluation Services
13. Construction Supervision Services
14. Supervision of Plant Start-up and Commissioning
15. Solid Waste Management Scheme