Introduction Of Cleaner Technologies Program Tannery Clusters Of Punjab

Assignment from

Pakistan Tanners Association (Northern Zone)

Period of Assignment 1997-2005
Technical Assistance Government of Netherlands

Pakistan Tanners Association-NZ with the technical and financial assistance of Netherlands Government, embarked on Introduction of Cleaner Technologies Program for Tannery Clusters of the Punjab. The main objective of the program was to improve awareness with in the tannery clusters of Punjab regarding cleaner production options and technologies.

PTA-NZ Environmental Committee has the prime function of advising and steering for the implementation of ICTP activities. Services of National environmental Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. have been hired for implementation the Program. NEC has formulated a project team committed to deliver the project.

ICTP project takes its premise from the fact that substantial benefits exist for the industrialists that can be harnessed by taking waste abatement and management measures at the production line. Cleaner production derived from cleaner technologies emphasizes on material conservation. The main activities covered under ICTP-Phase I include: dissemination and communication activities, Institutional Linkages with different Institutions, Organizations and Departments working for environment, environmental audits, initial environmental examination, action plans, cleaner production options, design preparation, implementation of cleaner production technologies, training and human resource development.

The approach of the program is to implement the proposed environmental solutions in a logical sequence under a cost-effective framework.


In alignment with the National Conservation Strategy (NCS) ETPI covers all priority industrial sub-sectors of textile, fertilizer, paper and paper board, leather, cement and sugar, etc. to promote use of environmentally safe technologies for environmentally safe production of Pakistan's manufacturing/industrial sector products. This process shall be achieved by promoting and adopting measures for pollution abatement, waste management and recycling, chemical recovery, efficient utilization of natural/economic resources, and production and installation of instrumentation and control systems for utilization of efficient and environmentally safe production technologies.


The overall objective of is to enable the tanneries that are member of PTA-NZ, to help the tanneries solving pollution problems and strengthening, for the adoption of cleaner production options and technologies ultimately reducing pollution and improving the environment.


1. Dissemination and Communication.
2. Institutional development.
3. Initial environmental examination and data base development.
4. Environmental audits.
5.Environmental solution packages.
6. Implementation of cleaner technologies.
6. Training and Human Resource Development.


1. Create Awareness regarding environmental technology solutions and environmental legislation
2. Implementation of cost effective and financially viable cleaner technologies in tanneries of Punjab
3. Create better image of Pakistani leather and leather products in international market.
4. To create leather sector of Punjab as an environmental friendly sector.