Kings Apparel (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi

The dureation of this project is 2015-2017. Kings Apparel was established in 1984 by two brothers, Mr. Abdul Aziz Memon and Mr. Muhammad Munir Memon. What started as a modest set up has established itself as a major exporter of knitted garments from Pakistan.
It has strong international presence and supply to major clothing brands and buying houses across Europe and the United States. It is  known for its quality, innovation, social sustainability & compliance.
Kings Apparel Industry is based in Korangi Industrial Area on 8 acres of land in purpose designed buildings. Manufacturing is totally integrated within this facility and encompasses knitting, dyeing, printing, embroidery, stitching and warehousing. The wastewater flow is provided by the industry as up to 400,000 IGD (1,820 m3/day).

Description of actual services provided by NECcc:
(i)Assess the current progress and efficiency of treatment plant and to provide solution to improve the efficiency keeping in view the operation and maintenance cost.
(ii)Operation and Maintenance Manual.