NEC has successfully delivered number of long term project as well as short term projects in different industrial sectors of Pakistan

1 Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program (PICIIP)
2 Energy Audit & Energy Management Plans for WASAs in Punjab
3 Sustainable Cotton Production in Pakistan Cotton Ginning SMEs (SPRING)
4 Livelihood Support & Promotion of Small Community Infrastructure Project – LACIP Pakistan
5 Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) Design,Supervision during Construction,
Trial Run and Commissioning (Sialkot Tannery Zone)

6 Sahiwal Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
7 Wastewater Treatment Plant at Abdul Hafiz Leather (Pvt.) Limited.
8 Wastewater Treatment Plant at Eastern Leather Company
9 Wastewater Treatment Plant at H.Sardan Ali Akhtar Ali
10 Wastewater Treatment Plant at Artistic Fabric And Garment Industries (K-10 Project)
11 Wastewater Treatment Plant at Rajby Industries (Pakistan)
12 Assessment of Wastewater Treatment Plant at Kings Apparel
13 Wastewater Treatment Plant at Cotton Web

Study Project

1. In-Depth Assessment of Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI) and Education, Health & Nutrition (ENH) Components
2. Balochistan Water Resources Development Project BWRDP
3 Environmental Impact Assessment of Development of Tanda Dam, Kohat District
4 Environmental Assessment Report Strengthen community resilience to floods, and improve access to safe drinking water
5 Environmental Assessment and Review Framework-TA-8800