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Cleaner Production Institute/Embassy of the kingdom of the netherland - Islamabad

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PISD has been initiated by Cleaner Production Institute (CPI) in collaboration with Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) on July 01, 2007. The programme aims to enable major industrial sectors of Pakistan to comply with the national and international environmental requirements and to adopt best energy efficiency practices.

- A variety of multi-faceted benefits are expected from the implementation of the programme, including:

- Implementation of cleaner production, energy efficient technologies and environmental management system in 256 industrial units.

- Increased awareness about environmental and energy issues amongst at least 1500 industrial personnel.

- More effective and trained workforce as more than 2900 industrial personnel will be provided training on Cleaner Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management System, Corporate Social Responsibility etc

- Increased competitiveness and market image of 4 major industrial sectors of Pakistan through resource conservation, environmental compliance and pollution control etc.

- Effective institutional coordination between industrial associations and ministries for dovetailing environmental issues into national industrial policies.

- Improved work force productivity through better occupational health and safety conditions.

- Improved industrial relations with R&D institutions, certification and legal bodies, vendors and other stakeholders.

1. Dissemination and Communication
2. Institutional Development
3.Training and Human Resource Development
4. Cleaner Technologies and Energy Efficiency
5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
6. Environmental Management System and Certification
6. Wastewater Treatment Plants

7. Cleaner Production and Energy Efficient Technologies and WWTP Performance Reports.