Environmental Impact Assessment of Development of Tanda Dam, Kohat District

The dureation of this project is October, 2017- June,2018. The District Administration of Kohat requested technical assistance from KPG to identify possible sites for development into picnic and recreational areas. A tourism development consultant identified Tanda Dam as a feasible site for development of a recreational area. This would provide opportunity for sports and recreation especially for families with young children to a much larger population from other parts of KPK as well as other provinces. This will also help generate revenues that could be used for development of the surrounding areas.
The Kohat District Administration decided to proceed with the development of Tanda Dam Recreation Project in the first phase, and requested KPG to provide technical and financial support.

Description of actual services provided by NEC:
(i)Primary surveys for sio-economic and ecological conditions
(ii)Public and stakeholders consultations.
(iii)Development of EIA report