Wastewater Treatment Plants

Name of IndustriesLocationsCapacityYears
Lakhani Silk MillsKarachi1,200 m3 per day2019 (To-date)
TF ApparelsKarachi150,000 gallon per dayDecember, 2018 To-date
Pepsico Sundar Snacks PlantLahore680 m3 per dayOctober, 2018 (To-date)
Eastern Leather CompanyLahore650 m3/day2017 To-date
Abdul Hafeez Shafi Leather (Pvt.) LimitedLahore900 m3/day2017
Artistic ApparelsKarachi1,360 m3/day2017
Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Assessment at Siddiqsons LimitedKarachi2500 m3/day2016
Rajby IndustriesKarachi2200 m3/day2016
Soorty DenimKarachi2400 m3/day2016
US Apparel & Textile (Pvt.) Ltd.Karachi2400 m3/day2016
Artistic Fabric and Garment IndustriesKarachi2,300 m3/day (500,000 IG/day)2016
Kings Apparel Industries (Pvt.) LtdKarachi1,360 m3/day (300,000 IG/day)2016
Siddiq Leather Works (Pvt.) Ltd.Karachi1500 m3/day2015
Artistic Garments Industries (AGI) Unit-2Karachi3,181 m3/day (700,000 IG/day)2014
Sarena Industries and Embroidery Mills (Pvt) Ltd Lahore2,000 m3/day (450,000 IG/day)2014
Nakhsbandi Textile IndustriesKarachi2,500 m3/day (550,000 IG/day)2011
Secondary Treatment Plant at Muhammad Shafi TanneriesKarachi1250 m3/day2011
Secondary Treatment Plant for Din Leather (Pvt.) Ltd.Karachi650 m3/day2010
Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited unit#2Karachi4,500 m3/day (1,000,000 IG/day)2009
Lucky Textile Mills No. 4Karachi3,235 m3/day2008
Adamjee EnterprisesKarachi1,550 m3/day 
Kassim Textiles (Pvt.) Ltd.Karachi1,200 m3/day (270,000 IG/day)2008
Feroze Textile Industries (Pvt.) LtdKarachi2,500 m3/day (550,000 IG/day)2008
Yunus Textile Mils (Pvt.) Ltd.Karachi2,728 m3/day2008
Denim Clothing CompanyKarachi200 m3/day2008