Sahiwal Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

The duration of this project is October 2016 _ March 2017. The Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program (the investment program) is proposed and will build on the policy reforms already undertaken by GoPb in the urban sector. It supports GoPb’s phased approach to urban development, focusing on broad urban reforms, followed by improvements in urban institutions, and finally investments in infrastructure. It will address three core causes:
(i) Absence of strategic vision and integrated urban planning at the city level
(ii) Ineffective and inefficient use of financial and natural resources.
(iii) Limited and unreliable financing of infrastructure and operation and maintenance.

This will be achieved through a two-pronged strategy at the provincial level and in the selected intermediate cities.

. At the provincial level this will include support to GoPb on its ongoing reforms on
(i) The sector institutional structure and capacity development.
(ii) Review and refinement of policies, laws, and procedural guidelines.
(iii) Expansion of the performance incentive model for financial transfers.

. At the city level, the roll out of the sector reforms will be implemented through
(i) The formulation of city development plans.
(ii) Separation of asset ownership from service delivery through the use of existing or establishment of new corporate entities.
(iii) Strengthened business processes and capacity of utilities.
(iv) Investments in prioritized urban infrastructure.
The investment program will support GoPb’s investment plan in the priority intermediate cities infrastructure projects and institutional and capacity development.

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1.Preparation of feasibility study and preliminary technical design.
2.Prepare procurement plan.
3.Tender Documents.